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Dating Shatta Wale ‘was a waste of my youth’ – Michy


Diamond Michelle popularly known as Shatta Michy has described her eight years relationship with Shatta Wale as a waste of her youthful days which she wished had never happened.

According to her, she could have achieved an enviable feat if she had focused on her schooling among other things and abandoned helping to build Wale’s dream at her youthful age.

Speaking on ‘United Showbiz’, a creative arts talk show hosted by actress Nana Ama McBrown last Saturday, Michy said “Being with Shatta that 8 years was a waste of my youth but a very good game with my experience in life. I say my youth and not life because between that 17 and 25 years – a lot of girls are enjoying life, they’re having most boyfriends, they’re switching and checking what up with life but here I was trying to build something with someone, it was a waste because it didn’t end the way it should have – just like a Nigeria movie, my life was as such.

“Whatever you give, you must get in return. Majesty is a blessing; he’s there for a purpose. The entire meeting with him, with friends I had around him and my son was supposed to had happened. I have learnt my lessons with friends, with men and I have also come to appreciate the presence of my son in my life. I shouldn’t have been there hustling with him, I was 16 then in University – I allowed all to go because of him, I should have continued with my schooling”

She added, “Unfortunately the reality is that, I wouldn’t be looking this good if I was monitoring Shatta because time I have to put into working on myself is a lot. It wouldn’t be appropriate adding old drama, history class to it. I accept the fact that, he made my brand but we worked hand-in-hand with each other, he took from me, I also took from him – that’s how life goes. We were trying to be friends but I don’t think it gonna work – I’m not a hypocrite. When I’m not happy with someone, I don’t know how to pretend.”

Shatta Wale however in a swift response during the discussion in a Facebook post sarcastically wrote, “Ghana media ,anybody be celebrity 😂”

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