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Death – The Sad Demise of Precious Lives

What is death?

Google says death is the permanent ending of the Vital processes of a cell or tissue.
Elders says death is a journey of no return, meanwhile the bible makes us believe that death is the final state of every life , which the aftermarth is judgement.

But I assume death to be the LAST STOP of every human activity, at this point i Will like to ask ” What do you think death is? ”
Death occurs through many ways, like suicide, accident, drug abuses, etc. I Will like to begin with :


It is the act of causing ones death intentionally. Suicide can be caused by depression , for instant a Lady or a Guy sacrificed everything he/she has for the betterment of his/her partner not knowing this partner has a different purpose entering his/her life and after earning all benefits this person walks away leaving his/her partner in a dreadful position. If care is not taken the person in this kind of state will be tempted to take his/her own life so he will end it all.

Also a young school girl who is struggling to pass through will end up in a drastic situation of getting pregnant, thinking about being dropped out of school and mocked by friends, she decides rather to end her life. Others too choices abortion as the solution which ends up causing the lose of their lives.

Defraudements too can be a factor of suicide, will use this real story as a typical example . A Lady received a call from an unkown guy who advised her against fraudsters and her believe he works at one of the well used networking companies.


Accident can be termed as an unfortunate and unintentional incident that results into injury or death. Looking at this, accidents are described as unintentional but sometimes it does happen intentionally.

Am saying this because ,we know vividly the causes of accidents, over-speeding, careless over taking on our high roads, not reading the signals of the traffic lights or better still look left and right before crossing the road and many more. But yet still we over look all these which leads to severe injuries and deaths . It is said that we shouldn’t drink and drive, here comes the case where by some drivers drink and driver and in the cause of it kill innocent souls. In most cases even the driver that caused the accident remains alive whiles other souls rather get perished.

Some drivers speed on roads as if they have an emergency to catch, others too sleep whiles driving because they refused to have enough rest . Instead of them getting themselves spare drivers so they can rest and change during a long journey, they will rather prefer going alone and ending lives. We live in a country where our roads are in deplorable state, politicians makes lot of promises to build better roads during campaign times but refuse to grant the wish when voted into power.

These bad roads has over the causes got perished of many souls including our dearest late EBONY’s life. When the sudden incident occurred we all cried our hearts out, people started blaming and accusing.

Again our leaders started promising that those roads will be restored but these questions keep popping up “should we lose lives before we do the right things? Is it even worth it? “. It is time we take responsibilities of our mistakes and start making things work so our precious lives will be well preserved till the creator calls .

Its the unlawful killing of a human being by another individual. Like how deaths occur accidentally and suicidally others carefully premeditate others deaths. I hate to admit that , as people are receiving contracts for well defined jobs, others are being awarded contracts to kill and get paid associating to unnecessary temperaments.

People takes lives as if they own it but will like to ask “What is the gain of ending ones life just because of issues that can be resolved?”. Last year we lost one gentle souls through this wrong course . Police men, ministers of states, children and many more.

Pregnant women as well as children were murdered and used for money rituals and more of these are all typical wickedness. That’s what happens if we turn out to be selfish.


This is also a very rampant behavior which needs to be addressed well. Due to lost of confidence in the judiciary, people intend to take the laws into their hands, beat and kill people they suspect to be thieves or armed robbers.

Most at times , those victims turn out to be innocent but been murdered for free. Not wanting to reopen the wound of the bereaved family of Major Captain Mahama , giving reference to his death he was brutally beaten and killed just because of a mere suspect which he would have been alive today if the community had seen the importance of a police station to report for assistance.

I am not encouraging theft but ‘why should a person be killed for stealing? ‘ We should remember the person wouldn’t have stolen if he has the means to feed his mouth. Admittedly, I know others too steal just for wickedness but we should at least give them a chance to rewrite their wrongs.

We should allow God and our judiciary to deal with those people.


It appears to be the violent disturbance of the peace of a crowd , tribes, community extralegal. Such as land disputes , chieftaincy disputes, and many more.

Due to greediness, Chiefs and traditional leaders subjects their sleeves to selling of the same land to different kind of people and each persons wanting.

Chiefs picking up thrones which doesn’t belong to them leads to confusions between the rightful owner and the undeserved one. Furthermore, it is mostly the elders that influences the youths to fight and destroy.



It is the habituated use of illegal drugs. Recently we’ve been hearing of the use and abuse of tramadol by our youths in various community. A drug supposed to be used for the treatment of cough has now turned into aphrodisiac . It is utterly absurd for a youth to waste his life on such drugs knowing very well of its implications. They think its a fun.

With all the above, clearly and truthfully, some death can be resisted. The high rate of death occuring these days is overwhelming, it can be stopped drastically.

Let’s make it as people to avoid some which can and stay in one harmony.


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