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Debbie Neequaye Shares Her Bead-Making Experience


“Creating your own jewelry can be fun for so many reasons. Not only do you get to tap into your creative side, you also have the chance to make something unique that reflects your personal style. Plus it’s very easy to make a beaded necklace.”

Such is the conviction and belief of Miss Debbie Neequaye when she shared her experience with THE PUBLISHER on Saturday in an interview.

Miss Debbie Neequaye

She disclosed that as a mother, she decided to learn a skill to get more income when things were not going on as she expected.

“All of a sudden, I developed high interest for the business. My enthusiasm, desire and creativity motivated me to further develop my skills in the business”, she said.

With an initial Capital GH¢50, she went to buy raw materials to start her ‘new’ business. She did not limit her learning to what she learnt in class but did further search on the internet, exhibited her products on social media, and as well joined more creative groups online.

“The networking helped a lot, especially in locating the markets to easily get raw materials, as well as getting more customers. I don’t look down on myself at all. I always try to make an impact in whatever I do no, matter the initial difficulties.

“Beading takes a lot of time but the end results are refreshing. I have gained experience and had exposure so my work is much better than before. If I had started earlier, I would have gone far by now” – she added.

Today, Debbie produces necklaces, bracelets, earnings, purses, bags, beaded slippers, and straps for wrist watches. She recently added beads in clothes to her chain of products.

The price of her necklaces ranges between GH¢50.00 and GH¢200.00, depending on the type and material.

By: Justice Dzido

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