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Deliver what you promised …Lydia Forson vents on gov’t


Popular Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson who is obviously frustrated by the current affairs of the country has questioned the government, as to what happened to the “exceptional” promises they made to Ghanaians.

In a series of Twitter posts, the actress lamented that President Akuffo-Addo led government portrayed themselves as the solution to “all of Ghana’s problem”.

However, they have failed in delivering those promises. But then, she also acknowledged the fact that the government has come up with some good policies but questioned what happened to the “exceptional promises” they made.

“My biggest frustration with this government is that for years they sold themselves as the solution to all of Ghana’s problem- but see. I do acknowledge that they’ve had some good policies; but you didn’t promise us average, you promised EXCEPTIONAL?!! So, what happened?”

In another post, she mentioned that the leaders are not oblivious to what the country needs to move forward, however they [the leaders] are only concerned about their wellbeing.

“The thing is our leaders KNOW what this country needs to move forward. But their commitment is to themselves and not the people, so because of this, they’re willing to let us all suffer. In the end, it’s only their well-being that matters to them”.

In another post, she bitterly complained about how the government has been borrowing money without any proper strategies put in place to help the future generation to pay back these debts they are incurring.

“We are borrowing huge sums of money for our children and grandchildren to pay yet we are not seeing realistic strategies that assure us of our capacity to pay back.

“I want Ghana to work- very badly. And I’m always going to hope and pray for whoever’s in power to do this. Unlike some politicians whose success depends on a government failing, I need our government to succeed because it benefits me”.


Meanwhile, as she was lamenting on the current affairs of the country, some pro-NPP were verbally attacking her and questioning what she has contributed to the development of the country. In response to that, she said: “To the people paid (yes it’s no longer a secret) to come and attack people over their opposing views; you’re just like the goats rubbing their skin against your master’s house in anger. It is your country and yourself you’re destroying. How long can you live on GH700?”

“By now you’re in ‘dumsor’, hungry and don’t have water to bath… But you’re online attacking someone for asking for better for YOU? Listen I’m not an elected official oh, I’m not your president- I’m just a citizen who does her part.  I don’t owe you roads, hospitals, water, or electricity. You elected someone to do that for you, so stop asking me what my contribution is whenever I demand better for us”.


Some who were in agreement with her concerns asked her not to pay any attention to those attacking her since she has every right to speak up.

Others also praised her for being bold to speak about such issues.

This is not the first time Lydia has lamented over how the current government is handling the affairs of the country. Also, she isn’t the only celebrity to lament on how poorly the county is being run as the likes of Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo have one way or the other expressed their disappointment in the current administration.

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