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Disturbing Signals Ahead of Elections

The continuous nature of isolated incidents of election-related violence in Ghana as the country prepares for general elections this December is worrying and ought not to be taken for granted if the country wants to continue wearing the accolade of being a sweet example of multiparty democracy, good governance and political stability in Africa.

General Elections is more of a process than an event scheduled for a single day. What happens in the events leading to the voting day has a direct impact on the credibility, transparency and peace of the polls as well as the stability of the country.

Growing reports of all manner of acts of violence in a good number of voter registration centers across the country should be enough worrying signals. Sadly, it seem the country, out of complacency, has gone to bed waiting a life to be lost before it wakes out of its slumber.

Perhaps, because so far, no high-ranking official or political figure has been a direct victim of the reported incidents of violence, reality has not dawned on the country that the signals are disturbing and a stitch in time truly saves nine.

On Sunday June 2, one of such incidents of violence at voter registration centers led to the stabbing of a man and the injury of two at Kasoa.

On May 12 at Adugyama in the Ahafo Ano South East Constituency of the Ashanti Region three persons got injured in similar acts of violence at a voter registration center.

In the Ahafo Region, a man was injured when violence erupted at the Kukuom registration center on Saturday May 11. The list continues.

While these incidents of election-related acts of violence at voter registration centers continue, the Ghana Police Service reports of the arrests of persons for illegal possession of fire arms; two dangerous ingredients which when blended cooks a lethal meal injurious to the peace of the country.

On Sunday June 2, three of such persons carrying illegal arms loaded with bullets were arrested at Ofaakor near Kasoa

On Wednesday May 29, another of such arms carriers was arrested at the Datoyil Barrier in Tamale.

On Thursday May 2, two of such persons with illegal arms shot at some Police officers at East Trasacco in Accra. The list continues.

The New Publisher is particularly worried at these signals occurring at a time the sub region is battling with incidents of extremists in quest of political power not through the ballot.

For a country with a huge number of unemployed angry youth, the combination of a seeming proliferation of illegal arms in a season of elections-related violence dotted with trappings of partisan politics happing in a sub-region that has become a fair target for extremists is certainly a cause of worry.

It is a situation that should not be left for the political class alone to handle but rather every single Ghanaian and resident in Ghana should get involved and guard against.

The slightest signal or suspicion of which person or group of persons are behind this axis of evil aiming to threaten the peace of the country should be exposed and reported. Every person in Ghana should be encouraged to join the ‘see something, say something’ campaign being pushed by the National Security Ministry.
The campaign provides a toll free number of 999 where suspicious persons or incidents can be reported and the identity of the informant is secured.

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