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Dog Exposes Robbers


THE CONSTANT barking of a dog has foiled a robbery expedition in a banker’s house at Wioso near Nkawie in the Ashanti Region.

This was after three robbers, who were wielding sophisticated weapons, had sneaked into the banker’s house at an ungodly hour on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

The armed invaders were on the brink of robbing the banker (name withheld), but the ‘stubborn’ dog’s persistent barking awakened him and other residents.

Suspecting that his residence was under siege, the banker quickly grabbed his gun and positioned himself well to face the potential robbers.

He said his guess was right as he saw three heavily-armed, muscularly-looking men right in his compound.

Acting swiftly, the banker then aimed and shot at one of the attackers, killing him instantly. The rest, however, managed to escape.

Mr. Thomas Awuah Asem, Senior Information Officer at the Information Services Department (ISD), Nkawie, who narrated the story to a group of newsmen, said the identity of the fallen robber was still unknown.

According to him, the dog’s persistent barking largely contributed to the foiling of the robbery attempt.

He said when the police visited the crime scene they saw a 12-round assault rifle, supposedly left behind by the robbers, on the floor.

Asem added that the police are making frantic efforts to apprehend the remaining two runaway robbers.

According to him, the lifeless body of the deceased robber is currently at the mortuary, awaiting autopsy.

By: Afua Sarpong Amankwa/ thePublisher

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