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Domestic Violence In Marriage: 5 Reasons To Stop


Some years ago, my uncle was beaten to death by his wife. He had endured years of domestic violence. When he died, the wife fled. She is currently living in Lagos abroad and the man never got justice.

A few years ago, an Ibadan Lawyer had slaughtered her husband in his sleep. People had told him to leave but he thought everything was okay. That was his last night alive.

Some years ago, Shonde was killed by her husband. She left behind two children. There had been a record of domestic violence between them for a long time.

Early this year, Syms was butchered by his wife. He was a promising lawyer, full of life, a father. The woman cut him open and removed his penis. She attempted to run away but was caught.

There is an endless list of people both men and women who have lost their lives due to domestic violence.

Women and men are victims and while some have escaped death, their lives have taken dramatic turns.

ager then, and a there was this guy that called himself a musician with braided hair who lived close to us.

I Have continuously wondered why kept wondering why people stay with abusive partners.

Many are stuck in an abusive relationship because of the fear of starting a fresh relationship after all the years you have invested in that relationship. Emotional insecurity.

Other times, it could also be because of the financial benefits they derive from the relationship or what people will say when you quit the relationship.

Truth be told, relationship or marriage is for those that are alive.

There is no relationship or marriage in the grave. If your relationship has to do with violence in the form of battery, you better have a rethink and get your priorities right.

Be brave to walk away and save your life.

Is it your life or your relationship that is most important? Choose you this day.

Today is #International day for the elimination of violence against women

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