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Dr Cryme: Musicians following trends are not unique

Ghanaian musician, Darlington Kwesi Agyekum popularly known as Dr Cryme has challenged his colleagues to be unique.

According to the Hiplife artiste who is the originator of Twi Pop, musicians who follow trends don’t do songs that will last long to stand the test of time.

In an interview on Property FM, he said “I’ve always said that if you want to do something be different because if you’re not unique you’ll follow the crowd or you’ll be counted amongst the crowd.

“It’ll only take a genius to push themselves to the limit and be prepared to take risks because the bigger the risk the bigger the results”

He added, “You can choose the easy way out without taking risks and that’s following what’s trending currently but every trend apart from the time factor and relevance eventually ends.

“If you’re exceptional and unique maybe what you’re doing wouldn’t get the attention of the people instantly but eventually it will stand the test of time,” he opined on the show.


The rapper further said that people think he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

In the same interview, he said looking good all the time makes people think that he doesn’t have problems.

“I think the way I dress and look smart makes people think that I’m Dada Ba but whenever they say so Amen I accept it in good faith,” he said.

He continued “But I know that definitely my parents worked hard to provide for me and that’s the same way I’m also working hard to fight for what I want to do.

“Some people were born in riches with a silver spoon in their mouth but I wasn’t born with a golden spoon in my mouth but Dr Cryme known privately as Darlington Kwesi Agyekum, a rapper, has said that people think he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. my parents tried their best for me.

“And whilst they tried their best I was also careful not to bring any problems home because no parent will be happy if their child is always involved in trouble.

“But the fact that I’m walking around looking good will make some people say that this gentleman hasn’t got any problems but I do have problems just that I don’t publicize it,” Dr Cryme added.

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