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“Dragging the sea to Kumasi,I had Volta in mind”- Cheddar

Independent presidential candidate Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Cheddar, has announced his plan to utilize the Volta Lake to enhance the nation’s water transport infrastructure.

He emphasized the lake’s potential as pivotal in establishing an extensive inland water transport network, which he aims to implement if elected.

As the leader of the New Force Movement and a dynamic entrepreneur, Bediako has ambitious goals, including dredging the sea to Kumasi.

During his “listening tour” of the Volta Region, he assured the Chiefs of Asogli that leveraging the world’s largest man-made lake would be central to his vision for water transportation and industrial growth.

“Dredging to Kumasi holds enormous potential. Water transportation brings a new life to humanity, and my vision is to develop water transportation to expand our infrastructure,” he said.

Meeting with students and youth at the Ho Technical University later in the day, he spoke of the interconnectivity of the nation’s waterbodies and said, “The most powerful and interesting part of the Volta Region is the Lake. I had Volta in mind when I talked about dragging the sea to Kumasi.

“Water is going to be our next biggest source of transportation for the country because I am going to connect the rivers. New cities are going to spring up beside the rivers. I want to open up the new part of Ghana for you all to see. You are going to see tourist attractions, waterfalls, and others.

“I am humbly asking the people of Volta to join hands with me. Let’s build our region, let’s build our people, and let’s build our country,” he added.

Togbe Adzie Lakle Howusu XII, Warlord of Asogli, shared the possibility of connecting the nation’s water bodies.

“Dredging the river to Kumasi is not a problem. You can do it. You will be permitted by our gods to send the river to Kumasi,” he said.

Togbe Howusu encouraged the young leader and spoke of the hope the nation would find in his leadership.

“Your coming is exciting for us. We are excited to know of a young man like you coming into this system. Ghana needs a third force, and we need the young ones to be president

It is a very good beginning. Don’t be discouraged. In the future, you will surely achieve your dream of becoming the future president of Ghana,” he added.

Cheddar visited the Ho Central Market and toured industrial areas in the region before addressing a public forum at the Technical University, where he outlined his plans for industrialization.

He also contributed GHC 10,000 to the Asogli Education Fund during his visit.


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