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Dream Come True: Fred Amugi gets on billboard

Caveman Watches has granted veteran actor Fred Amugi’s wish to have his photo on a billboard before he passes on. Today, Anthony Dzamefe, CEO of Cavemen Watches, has featured the legend on one of his timeless billboards.

The announcement was greeted with approval as Ghanaians poured in congratulations sharing the good news. Caveman Watches is currently trending at number 1 on all news portals.

Fred Amugi, in an interview, had declared his wish to see himself on a billboard before he dies. He noted that deadmen cannot appreciate eulogies and hopes to be celebrated whiles he is alive and kicking.

In response to his plea, Caveman Watches stepped in with a partnership to make his wish come true. Documenting the process, Ghanaians have witnessed the end today.



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