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Residents of Atonsu Kyirapatre and Kuntenase in Kumasi are facing serious health hazards due to excessive dust in the atmosphere.

Virtually, all the road networks in the area are not tarred, and this has led to dust taking over the densely-populated communities. Reports coming from the area say the excessive dust is having advert effects on the health of the hapless residents, who are largely traders and farmers.

Some of the people have are having health complications, including catarrh and breathing problems.

A glance at the township tells the whole story as dust had covered nearly all the rooftops, structures and trees in the affected communities.

Sadly, there is no sign that local authorities would construct the roads in the affected communities in the nearest future.

Some of the people that spoke with the paper blame government for not doing enough to ‘save’ them from their predicament.

According to them, the dusty roads had been in the state they are now for a long time some, and they had, as a result, resigned to fate because it appeared nobody was paying attention to their plight.

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