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DVLA, GRA to Meet Over Stalled Enforcement of TIN Policy


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), has said it expects to meet the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on Friday, April 6, to deliberate on how best to implement the Tax Identification number (TIN) policy.

This is after Citi News checks at the DVLA and Passport Offices indicated that the directive was not being enforced.

The GRA, on Tuesday, announced that individuals without a TIN will not be able to acquire a Drivers’ license, open a bank account, get a passport, transact business with the government, or register a business.

The Deputy Director, Driver Training, Testing and Licensing at the DVLA, Kafui Semevo, believes the meeting will be used to streamline all issues pertaining to the enforcement of the directive.

He noted to Citi News that the DVLA was indeed notified of the new policy via a letter last week, but did not have enough time to mobilize for implementation.

“The letter was received on the 27 of March, just two days before the [Easter break], and we couldn’t have further discussions with the GRA to agree on the ways or measures we should put in place. However, we have taken some steps. We have contacted the GRA proposing to meet on Friday to agree on the way forward so that implementation and enforcement becomes easy for us and compliance also becomes easy for customers,” Mr. Semevo said.

The increased focus on the TIN is aimed at uniquely identifying potential taxpayers to broaden the tax base.

As at the time the policy was announced, the number of people having the TIN stands at 1,090,338.

The institutions that will require TIN are the DVLA, the Passport Office, GRA, Lands Commission, Law Courts, Ministries, government departments, agencies, metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies.

Addressing journalists at a press conference, the Commissioner-General of the GRA, Emmanuel Kofi Nti, warned that institutions mandated to check the TIN must do so before transacting businesses with the public.

Source: Citinewsroom

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