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Edem Takes the World through His Mood Swings with His Latest EP

It is all the colors that come together to get you to see the rainbow”. – Edem

 Growing up, the older generation was mandated with the sole duty of preparing the younger generation for the world ahead.

How to navigate through the storms without being a liability to themselves and the world at large.

Parents made conscious efforts to inculcate some basic but strong principles in the life of their children so it could guide them for the rest of their lives.

The story isn’t far from that of the illustrious Ghanaian musician, Edem, who is known mainly for his Rap competency and his proficiency with the local Ghanaian dialect, Ewe.

Also like most people, Edem shares an unbreakable bond with his late mum with lessons taught him leaving an indelible mark in his life and his new EP, MoodSwings.

Edem Takes the World through His Mood Swings with His Latest EP

In spite of their permanent connection, this is the first time Edem mentions his mum in his entire career as a celebrated Ghanaian musician.

Over the years, the artist has made his name and career in and out of Ghana with hit songs like You Dey Craze featuring award-winning artists Kwaw Kese and Sarkodie, Nyedzilo featuring Nigeria’s superstar Reekado Banks.

Not forgetting other hit songs like I’m the one featuring UK based Ghanaian artist Sway, Koene, Bra Fre Mi, Gbevu, Over Again to mention a few.

Speaking to Edem in an interview, the brilliant musician clearly drew the line connecting these values from his mum taught him, using colors as a reference on his yet to be released EP.

He expressed that:

“MoodSwings is the various spaces I find myself creatively as an artist and the various emotions that I find myself carrying at every point in time through my creativity.”

Stressing that “It also overlaps against the backdrop of me seeing life as colors and understanding that every mood is a different color which is something that I was raised on by mom. Letting me understand how to see life in colors and so it comes to bear on my music and my emotions towards the music.”

Beautifully representing each mood with a color, the songs on the EP, from Love you, KPO, Money, Efo Kojo, In Ghana, and Chidi, colorfully come together as an embodiment of whom Edem is.

When asked which of the songs resonates with the teachings of his late mum, Edem recalled that,

“Each one of them because my mum didn’t say that a particular thing was or is what works in life, she said: it is all the colors that come together to get you to see the rainbow. The rainbow is a representation of the brighter side of life, and so (the) synergy is in all the moods coming together.”

The world can also connect and explore their musical MoodSwings on all digital music platforms, which includes iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, etc.

Pre- order link:

MoodSwings to your playlist to see the ‘rainbow’.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo.

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