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Efya Responds to Oral Sex on UTV

Ghanaian singer Efya has responded to the widespread circulation of viral videos showcasing two individuals engaging in sexual acts on the live show ‘Red Light’ on UTV.

The controversy ignited from clips originating from the program hosted by Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah. The adult-themed show, focused on the topic of ‘licking/sucking and its effects’, depicted two guests demonstrating oral sex while lying on a bed.

This stirred public debate as the guests aimed to ‘educate the audience’ about the subject matter.

The videos circulated rapidly on social media platforms, prompting Efya to provide her reaction to the explicit content. The situation highlights a clash between the show’s attempt at educating viewers on a sensitive topic and the public’s perception of appropriateness for such content on mainstream media.

The woman could be seen sucking on a dildo while the man caressed her vulva through her mesh outfit.

Another video showed the woman sitting on the man’s face.

The videos sparked a wave of criticism directed at both the show and UTV, with many questioning the acceptance of such acts on national television. One of those voices of disapproval was Efya Nockturnal, who expressed her discontent on her X account regarding the videos.

“Why are there live sexual acts being telecasted on national television?! Ugh, why? Mehn!,” she posted.

In another post in reply to a fan, she lamented that there was a drop in the standards of media broadcasting in the country.

“Bro! The standards have fallen so low!” she said.

Meanwhile, users on social media have debated that this specific show and others with comparable themes should face a boycott.

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