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Elsie Appau appointed new President of Women Economic Forum Ghana

The Regional Managing Director (MD) for Acreaty in Africa, Ms Elsie Appau has been appointed the new President of the Women Economic Forum (WEF), Ghana with the mandate to steer administrative affairs of the forum in the country.

The appointment of Ms Elsie Appau who is a lawyer, entrepreneur and water governance specialist is good news and a great movement for the WEF, Ghana.

This is because Ms Elsie Appau who has over 13 years of work experience as a policy analyst, project management expert and social development specialist with particular expertise in water governance, gender and public financial management issues has the capacity to move the forum to another level.

Aside from being a lawyer and an HR Expert, she also has businesses in the real estate, fashion and agriculture sectors.

The appointment of Ms Elsie Appau as the new president of the Forum was contained in the notice letter signed by the President and Host of WEF AFRICA, President and Chair, of Pilot International, Vice President of East Africa, World Economic Forum for Asia-Africa and Global Advisor of Global Chamber Hon. (Prof) Robinah K. Nanyunja and copied to this news outlet.

The letter reads in part; “The Women Economic Forum is the largest voluntary international network connecting women entrepreneurs and leaders from all countries across the globe, based on free association.

WEF comprises a league of luminaries of eminence and excellence including Nobel laureates, formers heads of state, Ministers, Business and corporate women, entrepreneurs and community leaders all joined together in this network to create massive opportunities for women across Africa and worldwide.

The purpose of WEF is to establish a powerful women’s network across the globe to support and elevate women in development, business, and leadership and connect them to market opportunities.

It is a networking platform that depends on women putting other women on board for the purpose of establishing a pool for joint and mutual collaboration and progress.

Confirming her appointment in an interview via telephone in Accra, Ms Appau, urged Ghanaian women, especially those in the enterprises to join the movement of WEF to help boost their businesses.

According to her, the WEF has strong solid and huge opportunities, structures and good foundations which could help the women to improve their economic well-being, hence the need for women in Ghana to join the forces of the WEF.

“I want to state that the future belongs to women, particularly the ones in enterprises. We have talked for a very long time about women’s empowerment, and women’s legal socio-cultural empowerment and not much focus has been placed over the years of the economic empowerment of women in Ghana”

“So l see this call as a major one to duty and l am looking forward to working with women entrepreneurs across the country. We cannot depend on other economies to feed ourselves.”

“We are focusing merely and majorly on women agribusiness, we are focusing on women manufacturing, we are focusing on women providing essential services because we believe that Ghana belongs to Ghanaian women.”

she added that “However, Ghanaian women must play significant roles in the development and sustainability of Ghana’s economic development.

“I am excited and want to use this opportunity to invite women entrepreneurs all over the country to join the movement of the WEF which has affiliations over the world,” she stated.

Ms Elsie Appau re-emphasized that Ghana belongs to Ghanaian women in enterprise and that “we are looking forward to strategic progress.”

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