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Employment Ministry launches ‘Opportunity Industrialisation Centre’ in Cape Coast


The Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations has launched the Opportunity industrialisation Centre in Cape Coast to provide skills training for the youth.

The Centre is expected to train the youth to acquire skills that will enable them to earn a decent living.

Speaking at the launch of the Centre, Deputy Minister of Education, in charge of TVET, Babara Asher Ayisi, told the youth that it was wrong for them to idle about, confident that government had provided many opportunities to prevent that.

“Sitting at home and waiting for your dream job is a bit dangerous. Governmentcannot provide formal employment for everybody and that’s why government through the Opportunity Industrialisation Centre is opening avenues like these,“ she averred.

The Deputy Minister of Education, in charge of TVET, wants the youth to start a business on their own in order to get support from the government.

According to her, it will be odd, in the midst of the opportunities the government is creating, for any youth to sit idle and complain of unemployment.

“Sitting home and doing nothing is a crime. We, the youth must avail ourselves of the numerous interventions the government is providing to acquire skills necessary for our personal and community development,” she appealed.

Executive Director of the Opportunity Industrialisation Centre, Samuel Debrah, is optimistic the narrative about unemployment would change if the youth avail themselves of opportunities such as this.

“The project trains people on masonry, carpentry, hairdressing, hair braiding, bakery and many more skills any youth dreams of acquiring. All they need to do is to pay a commitment fee of GHS20 and the rest is on,” he explained.

The duration for the training ranges between 10 and 16 months after which graduates from the program would be supported to start up their businesses.

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