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Energy Ministry, LPG Operators Meet


The Vice-President of the Ghana Liquefied Petroleum (LPG) Gas Operators Association (GLiPGOA), Johnson Owusu, has said the association will be having a discussion with the Ministry of Energy today, Tuesday, 22 May, to find solutions to some concerns which have resulted in their strike.

He said the association has received a letter signed by Deputy Energy Minister Dr Mohammed Amin Adam towards the meeting.

“We have a meeting at mid-day [Tuesday 22 May 2018] at the Ministry of Energy and afterwards we will decide [whether to call off the strike],” he told Class91.3FM.

Members of GLiPGOA on Monday, 21 May 2018, began an indefinite strike, ceasing the sale of LPG to the public.

GLiPGOA wants government to stop its intended Cylinder Recirculation Module (CRM) because they believe over 7,000 people will be rendered jobless.

According to the group, the policy is ill-planned and will only worsen the unemployment rate in the country.

The model, if implemented, will ensure that LPG Bottling Plants are sited away from congested commercial and populated centres. The plants will also procure, brand, maintain and fill empty cylinders to be distributed to consumers and households through retail outlets.

Low-risk gas stations will be designated for the supply of gas to vehicles.

Mr Owusu indicated that they were not happy that they had to decide on the decision to stop sales however consumers should bear with them as they fight for their cause.

“It is a very sad situation, the comments coming we are not happy. We are dealing with customers who are everything to us,” he noted.

Source: ClassFMonline

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