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EOCO Indicts Afful-Broni


IT IS OFFICIAL that the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has indicted Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, Vice Chancellor of University of Education, Winneba (UEW) in a report that has not been acted upon by the school’s Governing Council, else he would not have been at post.

EOCO’s final report on procurement infractions at the UEW concluded that Prof. Afful-Broni in his capacity as Chairman of the Transport Committee of the University is guilty of breaching the transport policy.

The report said on March 21, 2017, “The Head of Transport of UEW, Alvin Kwesi Andoh notified Management of the University through the Registrar that, section (8) of the (SIC transport) policy has not been complied with. He therefore submitted proposals on the insurance policy. This proposal was not acted upon by the Members of the Transport Committee Chaired by the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Rev. (Prof.) Afful-Broni.

“Therefore, there was a breach of the transport policy of the University. Per the Transport Policy, members of the Transport Management Committee are to be held responsible  as stated in Section 2 sub section a and b of the Transport Policy.”

Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, has been accused by several groups and persons of masterminding the unrest and season-of-confusion that has disrupted the peace of the University.

A frightening indictment, contained in a strong-worded statement written by the Chief of Effutu Zongo, Salaki Sulemana Salaga IV, is the newest addition to a litany of accusations against the embattled Vice Chancellor, who doubles as a Catholic Priest.

“I wonder why you shamelessly indulge in such conduct when not too long ago, you and Bawa came to my Palace, pleading with me to talk to government officials to withdraw auditors from the Auditor General’s Department. If you are that clean and haven’t misappropriated state funds, why were you afraid of an audit? I recall your apprehension that should the audit continue, there will be a ‘big shame’ on your image”, the Effutu Zongo Chief, Salaki Sulemana Salaga IV partly stated in his letter of accusations against Afful-Broni.

Already, Vice Chancellor Affull-Broni has been dragged to the office of the Special Prosecutor to be investigated on allegations of a misappropriated amount of GHc 5.7 million.

Even before dust settles on the supposed fraud allegation, the alumni and students of the University  have publicly insisted the Vice-Chancellor, Rev Fr Prof Anthony Afful-Broni, must either resign or get sacked for “wrongfully” dismissing some senior lecturers of the school and victimizing staff members he suspects would not bow his dictates.

Three months ago, the UEW had to be closed down temporarily following gunshots and destructive demonstrations by students of the school.

The students hit the streets to demand the immediate dismissal of the Vice Chancellor, Rev. Prof. Afful-Broni and the return of a number of wrongfully dismissed lecturers.

The Vice Chancellor has consistently denied all the allegations and said it is time for all parties to unite rather than apportion blame.

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