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Ernest Opoku vows to let the law deal With Nayas


Gospel singer Ernest Opoku seems not to let go of the disgrace and damage, former lover Nayas has caused him. In his recent interview, he has insisted on letting the rule of law deal with her to the better level.

According to him, he vow to push the matter between the two to the highest order and allow the laws of the country deal with her for good . All because of the several allegations being leveled against him by the Ex lover months back.

The furious musician on Hitz FM’s ‘This Is Gospel’ entertainment show Franky5 said he has forgiven the lady real name Gladys Boaku but he will not make the case an out of nothing. Ernest believes the laws of the country should be allowed to take its course and he is ready to take any verdict from the judge. He explained to the show host that he would have been dead if she had shot him at Adom FM studio so Nayas’ issue should be allowed to be in court.

“I’ve taken the NAYAS assault to court. I’ve forgiven NAYAS but would not let go the matter in court. NAYAS wasn’t pregnant, I have evidence someone bought her contraceptives to terminate the pregnancy and she took Ghc5,000 as compensation to let go the issue but went ahead to assault me. I know two Multimedia staff are behind all these, they bought her the contraceptives.”- he said.

Explaining further, he revealed that, he has never lick or had sex with Nayas ever during her menses and that all those allegations are all false just to tarnish his reputation.

“I made a big mistake by fornicating with NAYAS and I’ve sought God’s face for forgiveness… I plead with Pastors, Christians and my followers to forgive me. I’m human, I’ve sinned, I ask Ghanaians and my fans to forgive me and pray for me.” he added.

He further asked the public including all Christians to pray for him to endure future temptations.

Ernest Opoku is a Ghanaian gospel artist. He is known in the country for his great contribution in spreading the gospel through his worship songs. Ernest Opoku worship songs receive a lot of play time almost in all corners of this West African country. The songs are filled with messages in addition to being vocally admirable. The following is a breakdown of some of the best trending worship songs by Ernest Opoku. The breakthrough that comes thought his songs will not require an understanding of the dialect. Ernest will bless your heart just by how he dedicates himself to God through his songs.

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