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Escaping Death: Life In A Different Scenario


The punishment for escaping was death by hanging. Before he was hanged, he disclosed that Aggrey had helped them to escape after he was tortured almost the death.

“Aggreeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”. Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh called out angrily. Aggrey walked in not moved by his father’s anger. His father asked why he did that.

“I overheard them talking about their little children whom they left behind. So decided to free them.” Aggrey answered his father accordingly.

Nana’s anger kept boiling up but the elders and his wives pleaded and pleaded with him until he became calm. The punishment for aiding and abetting was also punishable by death but the chief, Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh used his prerogative of mercy to pardon Aggrey.

He further assured him that “I might have been lenient on you today but next time won’t be your lucky day. Now get out of my sight.” Aggrey left feeling happy that he was at least able to set some free.

From that point henceforth, he made a vow that whenever an opportunity presents itself, he won’t hesitate to free more of the slaves. For the meantime he laid low so that things would cool off.

Later that evening while they were having their supper, a friend to Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh called Ebo walked in. He was an important guest to him so he decided to stop eating the food and attend to his friend but he refused.

“Nana please finish eating. I am not in a hurry. When you are done we would talk.” As soon as he finished eating, he welcomed Ebo and walked him to the forecourt where they conversed extensively. The main reason for his visit was to inform Nana that he had acquired a new girl slave whom he wanted to gift to Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh.

“hahahahaha my friend Ebo, I’m glad you thought of me. May the gods of our land bless you. But the thing is I have so many slaves here and I am even thinking of offloading some of them. So I am sorry I can’t take her.” Ebo wasn’t happy Nana rejected his selfless gift but kept a calm face. Nana continued.

“I believe you can take care of her very well as I have seen you do in the past but please don’t marry her this time around. Hahahahaha.”

Nana teased Ebo. Ebo was also a rich man, a slave trader and holds a record for marrying slaves that he acquired. They laughed over it went on to discuss other matters. Time had far been spent so they decided to call it a day.

Aggrey not knowing was eavesdropping and listening to all the conversation they were having. He decided to eavesdrop because he thought they would talk about him but they didn’t. He decided to pay a visit to Ebo’s house the next day to see who the new acquisition was.

When he arrived the next day, he saw a young girl expected to be eight years old seated under a tree in the middle of the compound alone crying. He approached her and asked why she was crying. “I was brought in last night from my village. But I don’t want to stay here.

I want to go back home to my parents and siblings.” Aggrey explained to her that it is almost impossible to go back. He further entreated her to stop crying for it wouldn’t help the situation. She was young and naïve so she didn’t understand most of what Aggrey told her. All she wanted was to go back. Aggrey asked of her name and she replied “I am Adiepena.”

“That is a nice name. I am also Aggrey. Aggrey Tandoh. The son of the paramount chief of this town.” Hearing that, Adiepena tried to convince Aggrey to also convince his father to help her. “hmph! I tried that once and I almost got myself killed. If you escape from here, you will be killed when found and the person who helped shall be killed as well.” Hearing about the punishment made her change her mind about running away.

They spoke for a while and before they realized, they had become good friends. From that point henceforth, they were always seen together. Whenever they had very little or nothing to do. They would just meet up and kill time through conversations. But there was a problem. Adiepena was not working as she was supposed to.

Ebo, her master wasn’t happy about it. He had tried several times to instill change in her but proved futile. Sometimes, he spanked her or caned her but she remained the same.

Ebo’s last resort was to report the case to Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh. He did report truly and Nana didn’t hesitate to warn Aggrey never to see the Adiepena again.

Wait! You. Yes you. What do you think will happen to Aggrey and Adiepena’s friendship? Leave a comment below as we wait for the third episode to come next week. Thanks for reading.


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