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Eschew The Tomfoolery: Each Man For Himself….


Common sense should tell us by now that we cannot continue to blame government and politicians if one of us gets infected by this troublesome COVID-19 virus that continues to mesmerize health experts the world over.

The government officials themselves are getting infected so if they cannot protect themselves, how can they protect the rest of us?

It is bizarre when some Ghanaians, and a large number for that matter, behave as if they are doing someone a favour by wearing their face masks and observing the safety measures against COVID-19.

Truth is, if you continue to misbehave and act in a reckless way and contract the virus, you would suffer the pains yourself. The only sad aspect is the fact that COVID-19 is highly contagious and can be passed on to others through no fault of theirs.

For once, we as a people must stop playing the fool and take our personal and individual safety into our own hands. We have been over pampered and made to believe that we should blame someone else for everything.

Fact that we pay our taxes to government, at least a few of us do, does not mean we should become laid-back irresponsible lots waiting for government to force us to wear our masks, wash our hands and observe the other safety protocols.

It is a wired way of thinking. It is a strange mindset. It is a silly mentality.

At this point, no one can logically argue that the education and public sensitization about this virus has not gone down well enough.

COVID-19, thanks to the media, has been very well discussed and the requisite education gone down well enough. But that is how we are as a people; we tend to take everything for granted and even in the face of clear evidence that the number of affected persons is on a sharp rise with the death toll is not decreasing, many Ghanaians are still acting recklessly as though we were in normal times.

The medical doctors themselves are getting infected, senior government appointees are getting infected, front line health workers are getting infected, elected government officers are reportedly being killed by this evil virus and all these are in the news. Yet, some Ghanaians continue to do the exact opposite of the safety protocols and the rest of us are standing akimbo gleefully watching them unconcerned.

How many times have we not seen friends, family members, spouses, our own children, clients or even coworkers proudly walking around like peacocks without face masks and with their dirty hands unwashed?

Some of us, in the name of some stupid shyness or timidity or whatever, even extend our hands to respond to handshakes as if we can detect who has the virus and who does not just by looking at their faces.

Government would do its part but each and every one of us is responsible for our individual safety. And that MINDSET of personal responsibility should be our attitude in avoiding this never-ending deadly COVID-19. The tomfoolery must stop now.

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