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Every Baby Deserves To Live – Kokrokoo Charities

According to UNICEF, 130,000 preterm births are recorded every year in Ghana.  Out of this number, about 30,000 die due to lack of infant incubators. With such heart-breaking statistics, it is easy to sit and point accusing fingers at the government, or we can stand up and give these infants a shot a life.

Kokrokoo Charities is a not for profit organisation founded by Kwami Sefa Kayi, one of Ghana’s iconic journalist and a presenter of Ghana’s Peace FM’s Kokrokoo Morning Show.

Project 100 Infant Incubators aims to raise funds to buy 100 infant incubators for hospitals in Ghana to help reduce infant mortality issues within Ghana’s health care.

The unit cost per incubators is $10,000. We know there are incubators in the market that cost less, but from the recommendation by the Ghana Medical Association, the Isolette C2000 Model Infant Incubator is the preferred equipment from a quality assurance point of view.

So, let’s do the maths: 1-unit incubators $10k x 100 = $ 1,000,000.

This is the amount we need to raise to enable us buy the 100 incubators to be supplied to all medical facilities in the country.

Over the past two years since the initiative, Kokrokoo charities have been able to raise $40, 000. We have successfully bought and installed 4 infant incubators at 4 major hospitals in Ghana; The La General Hospital, the Police Hospital, the Nsawam Government Hospital and the Prestea Government Hospital. See pictures below:

With your in-kind donations we can give hope to mothers and save the lives of pre-term babies in Ghana. No amount is too small. Let’s show our humanity, let’s give life a chance.

Kwami Sefa Kayi himself, a radio presenter of repute and a social activist, is committed to contributing towards the search for innovative solutions to the myriad of social problems faced by Ghanaians and is dedicated to challenging the Ghanaian public everywhere, including the diaspora, to help build a more socially committed and caring Ghana.

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Staff of the hospital admiring the new infant incubators set to save lives
Staff of the hospital admiring the new infant incubators set to save lives
A mother of a preterm baby excited that her new born baby’s life could now be save.
Installation at Police Hospital in Greater Accra

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