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Excessive Make Up On A Girl May Be Signs Of An Ovary Tumour – Doctor


An Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist, Dr Clarence Oteng Addo-Yobo, has urged parents to take their girls to a gynaecologist first if they observe signs of mental instability.

According to him, when girls exhibit signs of mental instability such as putting on excessive make ups, unprovoked insults, profanity and quarrelsome behaviour, it could be symptoms of tumour in their ovaries.

He has, therefore, advised all parents and caregivers not to overlook certain behavioural changes, particularly in adolescent girls as they could be symptoms of a life threatening disease.

Dr Addo-Yobo was speaking at the launch of the Baby Kaafo Project, aimed at providing a digital platform that gives parents and caregivers access to reliable and relevant localised information critical to the development of children in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

In a plea to parents and caretakers, he advised that girls are not left to their fate when they begin to exhibit signs of mental instability.

In addition, he said, girls who display signs of mental illness should not to be committed automatically to mental institutions but to a visit a gynaecologist on time for diagnosis since problems with their ovaries such as ovarian teratoma could cause them to behave abnormally.

Ovarian teratoma, is a growth of cells (hair follicles, skin glands, muscle, and other tissues) that begin in egg cells. Depending on the size and location of the teratoma, it may cause complications such as rupture, infection, and pain.

Dr Addo-Yobo explained that the irrational behaviours shown by some adolescent girls are attributed to hormonal changes that occur in their system.

He said the ovarian cyst, which in its complex form is called teratoma, meaning monster and secretes some chemicals which disturb the electrical circulation within the brain result in adolescent girls showing signs of mental illness.

He, however, said the tumours associated with teratoma could be surgically removed.

He further stated that these tumours can be surgically removed.

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