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Fabin reveals reason for Coaching youth teams


Uganda U-17 coach, Paa Kwesi Fabin has disclosed his reason for opting to coach youth teams rather than senior sides.

According to the former Ghana U-17 team coach, football begins at the grassroots and it’s always good to get it right even though he does not get the credit he deserves.

“I enjoy working on these youth projects because this is where football begins,’ he told

“You need to polish these youngsters to become good players in the future. They have to be able to play at a higher level,” he added.

“Working with youngsters is sometimes a big challenge. You must know that these are kids so they will do mistakes a lot.

Coach Paa Kwesi Fabin also admitted despite giving in his all in developing talents, the right recognition is not due.

“There is usually no recognition at this level. You might do wonders but the appreciation and recognition is minimal contrary to the senior teams,” he said.

“The Member Associations tend to focus much on the senior teams and forget about those at the grassroots level. There is big wage difference among senior team coaches and the youth, it doesn’t help.”

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