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Fake Pastor Grabbed


A SELF acclaimed pastor, who dupes unsuspecting ladies of their monies and other valuables, under the pretext of cleansing them spiritually, is in hot waters.

Dacosta Owusu’s attempt to dupe a third lady within the Mankranso area, in just a spate of a few days, hit a snag as he was apprehended by the police.

Supt. John Adusei, the Mankranso Police Commander, said Owusu, 28, on November 2, 2017, introduced himself as a pastor to two ladies.

Owusu, who reportedly claimed he had eyes to see future happenings, told the two ladies that some demonic spirit was following and tormenting them.

After the revelation, the ladies became frightened but Owusu assured them that he would assist them to exorcise the demon.

The ‘pastor’ then demanded GH¢200 each from the two ladies so he would prepare some spiritual concoction for them.

He later on visited one of the ladies in her house. Even though she was only able to come up with GH¢20, he gave her the said concoction.

The fake pastor then visited the second lady in her house and she managed to pay GH¢100 for the same concoction.

Owusu reportedly forced the lady to drink another concoction, which made her unconscious.

When she finally regained consciousness, the lady realized that her additional GH¢150, a cell phone and a small speaker in her room had been taken away by Owusu.

The lady also realized there were some fluids in her panties, which suggested that Owusu might have had carnal knowledge of her whilst she was unconscious.

The two ladies posted their ordeals on a social media platform to forewarn others about the activities of a fake pastor in the neighbourhood.

Owusu reportedly tried duping a third lady but unknown to him, that lady had been informed about his dirty tricks so she alerted the police who immediately arrested.

The suspect is currently in the grips of the Mankranso police, who promise to arraign him after completing their investigations into the case.

Source: Afua Amankwa Sarpong/ thePublisher


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