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FDA Wages War against Substandard Products


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has resolved to crack its whip on importers and manufacturers who produce substandard products for the local market.

The authority warns that importers and manufacturers would be held responsible and prosecuted for any of such goods spotted for sale.

FDA’s recent market surveillances have brought to bear the presence of either substandard products or expired goods on the Ghanaian market― sparking lots of panic and leaving many to question the country’s measures to tackle the issue of porous borders.

Barely a month had the authority raised a red flag regarding the presence of some fake drugs―Coaterm 20/120 and Zentel tablets on the Ghanaian market, when it reported yet another issue of some expired malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT).

Reports had also hit social media about an unwholesome product, Dana rice which was alleged to be infested with a deadly virus.

The FDA says it has not registered any product with the name “DANA RICE”, which is purported to be imported from Pakistan.

Head of Communication at the Authority, Mr. James Lartey said after receiving such alarming news, the authority immediately conducted a search nationwide.

“We detailed all our officers in the regions to go to the market to find out whether that rice is in the various part of the country. They went round but couldn’t find any of the rice on the market. We spoke to a number of rice importers to ask if they were aware of that rice, none of them had heard of Dana rice,” he said.

According to him, the FDA had intensified its Surveillance activities across the country, including markets, ports and borders to ensure the product did not find its way into the Ghanaian market.

“We want the general public to help us. If you have chanced upon that rice, please inform the FDA and we would act on it,” he stressed.

Mr Lartey further entreated the public to verify from the Authority on any information relating to the FDA’s mandate before circulating or forwarding on social media.

“We have to be careful as a nation, there are many misinformation on social media…we appeal to the general public, if you chance on an information, if any institution is in charge, crosscheck before you forward it,” he advised.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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