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FDA Warns of Fake Products as Christmas Approaches


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has cautioned consumers to confirm the expiry dates of products before buying.

This according to the FDA is to avoid the consumption of unwholesome products.

According to the authority, many importers take advantage of the Christmas season to bring into the country, questionable goods that do not comply with the regulations of the FDA.

The FDA, in anticipation of the arrival of unwholesome goods, has warned importers and retailers in the country against exposing the general public to products that are near expiration.

The Head of Communications at the authority, James Lartey accused some importers and retailers of putting their profits ahead of the public’s well-being.

He said some shop owners save their unsold food products mainly to be patronised on festive occasions like Christmas.

He explained that improper storage conditions could destroy the content of the product.

Mr Lartey stressed the importance of food storage, saying “food items exposed directly to sunlight and rain should not be patronized even if their prices are reduced drastically because they could be contaminated.”

He, therefore, advised consumers that besides checking the expiry dates of products, they should check the packaging for freshness, bloating, rust, leakage and the instructions on the label, and reject labels that are not written in English.

Mr Lartey further entreat store owners to separate edible items from inedible ones because edible foods could easily be contaminated by other harmful products.

“Shop operators should also ensure cleanliness in their shops to prevent rodents and insects from entering to contaminate their goods,” he said.

Sellers and shop owners with unwholesome goods will have their products destroyed and could face prosecution.

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