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Feaces Stop Academic Work in JHS


ACADEMIC WORK could not go on at the Ahwirewam-Domeabra Junior High School (JHS) in the Ahafo Ano South District of the Ashanti region on Tuesday as some people in the community had turned the classrooms into a toilet facility.

The teachers and students were returning to school on that fateful day in high hopes, after staying away for nearly four weeks of vacation, but were met with a bad odour emanating from virtually all the classrooms as a result of heaps of human excreta everywhere.

Reports say some people, allegedly, sneaked into the classrooms at night to ease themselves on the tables and chairs in the classrooms.

Aside the human excreta, other people reportedly used dead animals to perform traditional rituals in some of the classrooms.

Naturally, the teachers and students were afraid to enter the classrooms, particularly, because of the scary ritual acts that had been performed in the some of the classrooms.

Traditional leaders in the community were therefore invited to perform other forms of sacrifices to pacify the gods in the area to prevent any mayhem from occurring in the school.

By: Kwadw Essel

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