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FELLA: My daughter and I need protection from Medikal

Actress Fella Makafui has said she would not give a public response to the continuous worrying allegations being leveled against her by her musician husband, Medical with whom she has a daughter.

The actress, in a press statement issued on Sunday, said she has reluctantly initiated a legal process to ensure the safety of the daughter as well as herself, the mother, in the midst of the continuous barrage of verbal attacks in the public arena from her husband.

The statement read: I and my husband have, a few months ago, agreed to end our four-year marriage. We have, therefore, been waiting for our respective families to complete the required customary divorce rites.

“Recently, however, my husband has been making a little too many public statements on our marriage, our beloved daughter, my family, and my businesses. These public statements, considerable parts of which are a great departure from the truth, have caused significant hurt to me, my family, and to my businesses.

“For my deep respect for our two families, for the relative privacy which the institution of marriage requires and, most importantly, in the best interest of our beloved daughter, I have decided to resort to only lawful and appropriate forums to address my grievances.

“To that end, I have reluctantly initiated a legal process which I believe will ensure that my daughter and I are safe and, also, that l and my husband’s co-parenting duties are properly and sufficiently streamlined and regulated in accordance with law.

“I am sincerely grateful to you for the extreme support which you have given to me, my family, and my businesses and brand over the years. I, however, plead with you to understand the privacy which the difficult time that I am in now requires”.


Rap musician, Medikal, has taken to social media to publish several disturbing unproven allegations against his wife and mother of his daughter.

Medikal, without adding any form of evidence whatsoever disclosed on snapchat that his wife assaults him:

“While I was staying at Caterpillar junction at East Legon, there was this day she jumped over my wall and entered my room saying she suspects I was with another woman.

“I was with my friends playing video game, she threw my tea i was drinking on me, slammed my head with the coffee cup, destroyed my play station and my television. She also destroyed my laptop used for recording in my studio. She further hit my head with hanger several times,” Medikal narrated.

On Saturday May 18, Medikal took to his X account to make some further allegations against Fella Makafui: “My baby mama called the cops on me yesterday for asking her cousin to move out of my house after staying with us for over 2 years. This wouldn’t have been out but since her cousin named Bless was recording, I will like it to be known by the public. People may call it childish and dramatic but I prefer to be named as such before anything happens to me in the future. Mind you, I’ve neither been abusive nor violent ever since we lived together. All I want is to co-parent in peace and give my child a bright future.”

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