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FIPAG PRO drags Kumawood Actor before shrine

Popular controversial Kumawood Actor, Nana Kofi Agyemang known in Showbiz as Oboy Siki has been dragged before a shrine over allegations of bribery against the Public Relation Officer (PRO) for Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) Mawule Ekpe.

Mawule Ekpe Peter known as Abro is invoking the wrath of the dreaded Esuo Tano Bofoakwa Shrine on the veteran actor

Oboy Siki in an earlier interview accused Abro of being influenced by money from popular Kumawood Actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin to attack and tarnish the image of Dr Likee.

There has been a misunderstanding between the two leading to fisticuffs during a live radio programme on Kumasi-based Angel Fm.

Speaking in an interview with the manager of Abro, Raphael Essien known as Anamon on Ambassador TV GH emphasized that “Oboy Siki lied about Abro and he is unwilling to apologize to him to make the public know that he lied”

According to him, “The camp of Abro gave Oboy Siki a month’s ultimatum to apologise to Abro for accusing him of accepting a bribe from Lilwin but he refused”.

“People especially entertainment players are pointing fingers at Abro because they believed in what Oboy Siki said about him,” Anamon told Osei Kwadwo

“Because we want the truth of the matter to come out, we went to Sunyani with schnapps, eggs and others to curse Oboy Siki on Esuo Tano Bofoakwa river. If it is true that Abro has accepted a bribe from Lilwin to destroy Dr Likee, the gods should deal with Abro but if Oboy Siki lied about Abro because of social media trends, the gods should deal with Oboy Siki”, he revealed.

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