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#FixTheParty Too


The sweet #FixTheCountry campaign which started as a negligible hash tag on social media has gone viral and become popular across the country, putting government on its toes with appointees having no choice but to reach out to the conveners for dialogue.

Initially the approach was different. It was the usual arrogant response and talking down with scorn and disdain to proponents of the campaign.

When the heat increased, even the Vice Presient had to step in to tell how his government has been fixing the country. Not too convincing though.

It is clear the government has seen the writings on the wall that fighting the campaign would be an exercise in futility and a politically suicidal tomfoolery.

The Publisher, in its characteristic hide nothing, fear nothing attitude, hereby reminds the New Patriotic party (NPP) in government to do well to fix the party as well and fix it with a sense of urgency rather than wait for an internal revolt.

For years, the party at the constituency and polling station levels has complained of neglect and a break in communication with the top leadership.

The Publisher was shocked to learn recently that there are still constituencies where the party does not have offices and getting one has become a challenge.

A party that cannot get offices for every single constituency after four solid years in government is simply not a serious one and must be told the bold truth in the face.

This is the same party that intends to rely on its core membership and then some extra votes from floating voters to win the next elections. Meanwhile, the very party members keep complaining of neglect.

No wonder it watched helplessly as the National Democratic Congress (NDC) snatched its Parliamentary seats and flipped Parliament to what it is currently where if just two MPs decide to absent themselves for one reason or the other, there would be chaos if voting goes on.

One can only hope the NPP would learn its mistakes and fix the party with the requisite logistics and resources.

It is silly to leave that job in the hands of individual MPs. MPs who are to find their own resources.

The party ought to have a clear plan and a laid down plan for that matter on how to resource the grass roots and revive commitment among its members.

Perhaps the few ones occupying positions of influence have lost touch with the realities on the ground that apathy is setting in and a good number of party members in their hundreds of thousands across this country have nothing to show for supporting the party. Absolutely nothing!!

No wonder its communication machinery is in total disarray and what is left is a few individuals helping the party out of their own free will but not because there is any laid down plan for them.

Yes the country matters, but the party matters too. Fix The Party.

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