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Gabby, Yvonne Nelson Face-Off – Over State of Creative Industry


Actress Yvonne Nelson has reacted strongly to claims by Gabby Otchere-Darko that he was disappointed after watching ten Ghanaian movies.

She noted that if the high-ranking member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) says he is disappointed with Ghanaian movies, she is also equally disappointed in him.

Gabby, a strong voice on the corridors of Power in a post on facebook said he watched a number of Kumawood movies and was highly disappointed because, none made sense to him.

He wrote; “I took my time to watch randomly ten Ghanaian movies and never felt so disappointed. It brought home to me one major deficiency in our development. The apparent lack of deliberate consciousness on the part of the creative industry in the development conversation.”

The presence of the creative industry, according to him, “appears at best peripheral in Ghana’s development narrative. Our movies, our songs, our arts, by and large, do not impactfully plug into a greater development agenda. Hollywood, for the best part of a century, has been deliberately used by America to push successfully American cultural “supremacy” agenda; it has been used as an effective instrument of military or economic indoctrination. But, what has been the underlying consciousness behind our creative industry, if any?”

“What role, for instance, can actors in the creative industry play to define and realize this whole important concept of moving Ghana Beyond Aid? We must elevate consciousness in Ghana if we are serious about winning”.

The remarks have irked actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson who replied the legal practitioner in equal measure. Yvonne in her reply indicated that she is disappointed by Gabby’s comment describing it as “unfortunate”. 

“How do you even compare Hollywood to our industry! It’s like comparing our economy to theirs! Leadership!!!!! We need structures in place and some encouragement not this! What do we do when TV networks get cheaper content from India and Latin America?” – She retorted

According to her, leaders of the country have totally abandoned the movie industry but with hard work of herself together with other movie makers, Kumawood especially has created several jobs and as well Put more smiles on a lot of faces.

Yvonne Nelson, together with some celebrities, on May 16, 2015, held a vigil to put pressure on the government to find a solution to the then power crisis.

The vigil, which was attended by thousands of Ghanaians, was used by the celebrities to register their frustrations with the power crisis popularly known as ‘Dumsor’ which to her was affecting the movie Industry. 

Three years after the vigil, A-Plus called Yvonne Nelson a hero for standing up to fight against the crisis.

By Justice Dzido

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