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GHAMRO Deserves Better – Danny Beatz


Musician cum sound engineer Danny Beatz has expressed his assertions on how wrongly Ghana Music Rights Association Of Ghana is being handled.

Speaking exclusively to this portal, He stressed on the need that, the Association deserve better. To improve on life of its members specifically Musicians end of day.

“GHAMRO is of no use these days, musicians gain nothing from them. They are lacking cohesion at the institution. Foreign musicians are getting a lot of royalties from their works. Why can’t same happen here” – – he said.

He further stated, the Association should work extremely hard to make musicians enjoy what deserve them. He again stressed on FREE ONLINE downloading of music’s.

“It shouldn’t be so, there should be an online platform to monetize Artists creative works like what the foreign world have” – he added.

Danny Beatz later advised the youth expecially guys to be extra careful in their love affairs with ladies.

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