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GHAMRO: Distribution Of Royalties Starts Monday Sept. 24


The Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) has announced that the distribution of royalties would start from Monday, September 24, 2018.

This decision has become necessary due to the delay in the release of blank levy due the Society from the Government of Ghana.

As has been the norm, GHAMRO conducts its distribution twice in June –July and December of each year with the Blank Levy used for the June distribution whilst the collections used for the December distribution.

Given however the current situations where the Blank Levy has unexpectedly delayed, and considering the burden it has placed on members, decision has been reached to immediately disburse collections so far made to assist members.

It is important however, that members would kindly take note that since the collections is ongoing and the amount of GHC 500,000 to be distributed is just part of collections made, the due payments to members would be low as compared to previous distributions.

From the forgoing, Ghamro would like to also place on record that it has not received the Blank levy payments from Government for 2018, which amount has reduced for the past years as a result of dwindling CD’s and Cassettes imports.

This has affected the revenue generated from the 20% levy imposed on blank media under the legislative Instrument, LI 1962. We at GHAMRO wishes to assure members that steps are being taken to have “other devices” like mobile Phones, Pen drives, hard discs, Laptop computers etc. included.

GHAMRO is very grateful for the patience exhibited by members in the face of the delay and assure them of doing everything in our power to protect their interest.

We also take the opportunity to remind all commercial Music users including Broadcasting Stations , Shopping Malls, Banks, Pubs , Hotels to renew their licenses by contacting any GHAMRO offices nationwide and those who have yet not regularized their operational license should do so immediately to avoid embarrassment and possible prosecution in the court of law.

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