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Ghana need spiritual person to lead – Kumchacha

Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha, a Ghanaian clergyman, has explained the slogan for his Kum People’s Party (KPP).

He explained “The reason why my slogan is Spiritual Leadership is what we need is that when you get a spiritual person to lead a country it helps in a lot of ways.”

According to the Founder and leader of Heavens Gate Ministries, voting for a spiritual leader will help in the development of the country.

“If something is about to happen in the country because the leader is a spiritual man so God is able to communicate and inform him accordingly. When we get to a certain period of time, getting a spiritual leader is so helpful for us to progress as a nation even though governance is about planning.

“But when you get a spiritual person to lead and God constantly speaks to the person it helps in the development of the country,” he added in an interview on Property FM.


He further revealed that, Ghanaians ought to elect righteous leaders.

“The Bible says that when the righteous man becomes a leader it brings happiness to the people in that particular place he’s leading.

“When you also get sinners and wicked people to be leaders of a country or get positions, the Bible says that country suffers and it hurts God,” he remarked.

He explained “It’s not a sin for a Prophet of God to become the president or be involved in partisan politics and that is what even brings blessings to the nation.

“If we say that it’s not good for the prophet of God to be doing politics then we’ll allow wicked people, occultists, ungodly and sinners to rather lead us.

“And when those people become our leaders then they come out with laws that will affect God’s people which we shouldn’t allow it to happen that way.”

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