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Ghana to Host First Homeopathy Medical School in Africa


Ghana will soon train nurses, midwives, pharmacists and medical doctors in homeopathy.

C4C Homeopathic Medical College is partnering the Education Center for Classical Homeopathy (ECCH) in the Netherland and the Ministry of Health in India to begin the training of qualified health professional in homeopathy.

President and Medical Director of C4C Homeopathic Hospital, Dr. Michael Kojo Kyeremateng told Starr News in an interview that the development is to aid in the broadening of homeopathy not only in Ghana but Africa.

“The World Health Organisation recognizes Homeopathy as the second largest… so meaning it is immediate to our current system of medicine. The vision of C4C is to just implement the vision of quality health care in homeopathy. Many people have been disappointed in the current system,” Dr. Kyeremateng said.

For him, broadening education in homeopathy will help defuse the myths surrounding the medical practice.

“Because there hasn’t been such education, a lot of people are rebranding homeopathy in many ways. People are saying homeopathy is water; people are reading all sort of meaning into homeopathy. We think to be able to gain grounds in Ghana, it is all about education and good healthcare.”

ECCH has agreed to have C4C Homeopathic Medical College affiliate to it as required by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana, to serve as a mentor institution. In this regard ECCH will be awarding Dutch Homeopathic Degrees, Diploma and Certificate to Ghanaians and other African students who will enroll in the C4C Homeopathic Medical College.

C4C Homeopathic Hospital has also launched an app to add to its operation. The C4C APP will facilitated the booking of appointment and making services convenient.

Source: Starrfmonline

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