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Ghana To Pay Google $400,000 Yearly


The Managing Director of Ghana Post, Mr. James Kwofie has revealed that Ghana is to set remit an amount of $400,000 annually for using Google’s services for its newly inaugurated digital architecture-the National Digital Property Addressing System (NDPAS) otherwise known as Ghana Post GPS.

Mr. Kwofie made this disclosure at a press conference organised by the Ministry of Communications (MoC) last Friday.

The media briefing aimed at allaying the fears of Ghanaians and dispelling all misgivings about the NDPAS.

Giving an analytic representation of amount spent on the programme, the Ghana post MD said, “What is being paid for is the back-end solution, the data analytics, hardware i.e. the firewalls and servers, Google license,

marketing and publicity, technical support and VAT.”

He however emphasised that an amount of GH 1.7 million was going back to the government as Value Added Tax (VAT).

In order for the product to be promoted in terms of education and general publicity, an amount of GH 3.5 million has been allocated, Mr Kwofie noted.

Ghana Post GPS

Barely 10 days ago after the National Digital Property Addressing System which cost a whooping sum of $2.5 million was launched, it has received loads of criticisms.

The programme which is also known as Ghana Post GPS had the aim of providing an active means of addressing every location and place in the country, using an information technology application.

This system which was designed by Ghanaian technology firm, Vokacom also seeks to boost emergency service delivery.

In order for the application to be effective, Data gathered with this technological advancement would be linked to other government database systems like the National Identification Authority (NIA), Driver Vehicular Licensing Authority (DVLA), Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), and all other national biometric systems.

Source: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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