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‘Ghana Will Lose If We Keep Imposing Careers on Children’


Acting Registrar of the Nduom School of Business and Technology (NSBI), Andrew Kwesi De Roy, has charged parents to desist from forcing their children to pursue certain careers.

Dr De Roy said parents should assess their children from infancy to high school and learn their strengths and guide them to choose appropriate programmes rather than forcing courses down their throat.

Such a move, he said, will prevent the situation where children are pushed to pursue programmes that are not related to their strengths and skills, which, often than not, end up not being beneficial to them, their family and society.

The NSBI Registrar believes this will prevent the situation where parents spend huge sums of money on education, especially at the tertiary level only for the students to fail to graduate.

“[Inas]much as we have the interest to see our children in a particular field, we should also be able to understand that our children have strengths and weaknesses. We should be able to study our own children together with the counsellors and come to some consensus. We don’t have to push things through their throat to force them to do that which they are incapable of doing; at the end of the day we will lose as parents and also as a nation”, he told Class91.3FM’s Pious Backah.

He reiterated the need for parents and guardians to be able to identify the interest of children and direct them on the right path.

The NSBI Registrar is spearheading the administration and training of students at the university founded by business consultant and politician Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom.

Situated at Ayensudo in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem (KEEA) municipality in the Central Region, communities in and around the catchment area are expected to benefit immensely from the facility through education and business engagements.

Portions of the school land have also been earmarked for the construction of a teaching hospital for health and allied sciences programmes.

The President and Chairman of Groupe Nduom recently gave GHS80, 000 as seed capital to the first eight students of the institution to start and manage a new company to be formed by them.

Dr Nduom said the GHS80,000 is to give the pioneering students a superior, unique experience over their peers in other universities.

Internship opportunities and vacation jobs with the over 64 Groupe Nduom companies have all been guaranteed for the pioneering students and other students who enrol with the Nduom School of Business and Technology (NBST).

Source: ClassFMonline

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