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Some Ghanaian Artistes ungrateful – Magic Rocker

US-based Ghanaian music producer, Richard Essien, popularly known as Magic Rocker, who has produced number young talents in the country, has opened up on how ungrateful some of the acts can be.

“I am into talent management and whenever I see any talent, I want to nurture it. Some musicians become ungrateful to investors after becoming famous,” he said.

He revealed that most of them come in a frustrated and unpolished state, but once you pick them up and sharpen their music career by putting them in the limelight, they begin to pay you back in a manner that will shock the devil himself.

He cautioned young talents to stop being proud when their music is invested in, and to express gratitude to the executive producers for their works.

Magic Rocker, who is currently based in Chicago (USA) and has invested in many young talents, believes that foreign artistes appreciate their producers more than those in Ghana.

He made these known while responding to a question about the maltreatment he has undergone in the hands of young talents he produced.

The music producer-cum-artiste mentioned that most of the young talents after working tirelessly in putting them out there “dump you because they have achieved their desired results, unlike the foreign artistes who appreciate their producers.”

He added that the young talents show respect to their managers and producers when not famous, but immediately they come into the limelight, the act of arrogance and ungratefulness becomes evident.

He stated that he has personally helped many young talents in the country into fame, and sometimes find it surprising and worrying when they refuse to acknowledge such help.

Magic Rocker has officially released a new single ‘Like Sugar’.  A fusion of Jama and Hiplife, ‘Like Sugar’, sang in Ewe, is the first official single of his upcoming 12-track album titled ‘Vernacular’.

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