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Ghanaian Migrants From Libya Need “Psychological” Attention – RTI Ghana


The shocking exposé on the onslaught of the slave trade in Libya has been widely condemned by civil societies, African and world leaders; stressing the importance of fundamental human rights of the victims and illegality of the trade.

In view of the Libya situation, the Government of Ghana has since repatriated 127 Ghanaian nationals who have returned home safely.

However, the slave trade incident could be very traumatic and it is in this respect that Real Talk Initiative – Ghana is therefore calling on the government to address the psychological effects on the repatriated 127 Ghanaians from Libya as a result of the country’s slave trade.

According to Real Talk Initiative, although the government’s action to bring back the Ghanaian nationals is remarkable; it however behoves the State authorities to resolve the aftermath impact of the incident on the returnees as part of a reformation programme for them.

Executive Director of Real Talk Initiative, Mrs. Elsie Asante, in a statement copied to indicated that there’s an urgent need for the government “to address the aftermath of the unfortunate incidents ‘psychologically’ for the purposes of better reforming and integrating these 127 migrants into the society”.

She further stated that “the psychological trauma associated with this slave act perpetrated by the Libyans on our nationals must be a subject of concern for the government, civil society organizations particularly human rights activists. As gruesome as the images put out on social media describes the state of these migrants, the psychological reinstatement of the 127 persons cannot be overlooked”.

She also recommended that the appropriate authorities in charge of the migrants should employ the services of psychological experts to assist in reorienting them beyong the physical aid offered them by the government.

“Finding ways to address their ordeal must be a priority to manage possible mental damage which could arise. This is effective in managing possible mental disfigurement on their total psychological development. Real Talk Initiative – Ghana is committed to championing this agenda to safeguard better living condition for these people. We however commend the Foreign Affairs Ministry and various agencies for the rapid response in facilitating the return of some of these Ghanaians resident in Libya safely home”.

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