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Ghana’s Health System is Still Healthy- Oko Vanderpuije


Former Mayor of Accra, Mr Oko Vanderpuije has indicated that the country’s healthcare system is still strong despite reports that healthcare is failing in Ghana.

After being laden with an ill health recently, Mr Vanderpuije said an enviable team at the Korle-Bu teaching Hospital (KBTH) took very good care of him until he recovered.

“I did an operation and by the grace of God, everything is fine and I’m doing well,” he said.

He therefore called on government to not just invest heavily in the country’s medical system adding that our doctors are very capable.

According to Mr Vanderpuije, “We need to support them…when I was there, I saw so many things that called for attention and I’m hoping that as leaders of this country, we would support our medical institutions and create the platform for them to do better.”

“We need to provide them the environment in which they would be successful, the equipment and the apparatus…whatever it would take for us as Ghanaians to believe in our systems and to make our systems work for us.”

He continued: “I saw new born babies that needed to be operated upon…the doctors at the children’s hospital are doing a fantastic job.”

It could be recalled that a fortnight ago, a team of medical experts at the KBTH successfully conducted a landmark surgery by re-joining a completely severed wrist of a patient.

Mr Vanderpuije applauded the doctors adding that in spite of the limitations they encounter, they still make saving lives a priority.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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