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Ghana’s music identity goes beyond Highlife genre – MzVee

Afropop singer, MzVee has said that the music identity of Ghana is not just about the Highlife genre but goes way beyond that.

“We do have a music identity and the people who sing the music are the very identity of the music that we do here in Ghana and it’s not just the people but the language they speak” she said in an interview on Property FM.

MzVee added “It’s not just got to do with the genre like Highlife but the language and everything are also part of it so we definitely have an identity and I feel strongly about it”.

MzVee said she does her best to market our music.

“There’s no interview that I’ll do out of this country that I will not mention Ghana and maybe talk about Highlife or ur culture.

“I think people should be innovative and creative but at the end of the day I feel like wherever Ghanaian artistes go they make sure people know where they are from”.

Bad People

She further indicated that there are bad people in the music space who want to exploit artistes adding that, emerging artistes should be very patient and they’ll find the right people to work with.

“When I’m asked to advise people about the music and stuff, the one thing I say is to be very patient,” MzVee said.

She disclosed “There are good people and bad people and people who are ready to exploit you and use you and just leave you because they don’t think about you but them first.

“So my advice is always to be very patient and you’ll find the right people to move with but it’s not easy the space is very competitive.

“People are going through so much just to get their names heard and their voices heard and their faces seen so you need to be extremely patient to find the right people to work with.”


In addition, MzVee shared her opinion on what a timeless song is.

The ‘Daavi’ hitmaker said trendy and danceable songs aren’t timeless songs.

She posited “Trends are not timeless, timeless songs are unique in that they are something that comes out of specific moments.

“They are things that come from the heart but the danceable songs will always come and go and we all have some of those songs,”.

“But timeless songs are songs that come from the heart, they are real and come with emotions so those are the timeless songs. They are things that speak to topics that will forever be there like love, anger, hate so those are things that are timeless like real topics.”


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