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GHANET blames surge in HIV cases on lack of gov’t support

President Ernest Amoabeng of the Ghana HIV/AIDS Network (GHANET) has expressed grave concerns regarding the recent upsurge in newly reported HIV cases in Ghana.

This worrying trend has been particularly pronounced in the Ashanti and Upper East regions, as indicated by the 2022 report on HIV published by the Ghana Aids Commission.

The report highlights that in the Ashanti Region, an estimated 72,429 individuals are living with HIV, while over 7,000 people have been infected in the Upper East Region.

Amoabeng attributes this alarming increase to a perceived relaxation in the government’s efforts to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS.

“Approximately two decades ago, there was considerable vigor in the campaign against HIV/AIDS, evident in the media, local communities, schools, churches, marketplaces, and elsewhere. This concerted effort significantly curbed the spread of the disease. However, over time, we became complacent, and the consequence is the resurgence we are witnessing in new infections, particularly among the youth,” he remarked.

During an address at the ‘2023 World AIDS Day National Durbar,’ Amoabeng called upon the government to allocate resources to the National HIV Response, emphasizing the need to end AIDS by 2030.

“I’ll therefore call the government, to not only operationalize the fund, but as a matter of urgency, commit more resources into the fund, for the implementation of the National Response to HIV,” he added.

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