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Good One There, Let Us Have More Factories


We received exciting reports on Thursday that President Akufo-Addo has commissioned yet another factory, operating under his Government’s 1-District-1-Factory (1D1F) initiative.

This time round, it was the commissioning of the Leefound Food Stuff (GH) Ltd., located at Doryumu in the Shai Osudoku constituency, of the Greater Accra Region and it is calculated to provide some 300 jobs at the factory particularly for the youth of the area.

This is a direct solution to tackling the scary unemployment and under-employment situation in the country.

The more we have such factories springing up across the country, the greater the number of Ghana’s youth that would get employment opportunities in the country sides and would not continue to migrate to the capital, the already choked Accra, in search on non-existent jobs.

In October this year, the President, we remember very well, commissioned the Miro Forestry Ghana Limited, in Drobonso, in the Sekyere Afram Plains constituency, in the Ashanti Region, a company also operating under the 1D1F initiative.

It is a wood processing factory that has created some 1,100 plus jobs for the youth of Drobonso and its environs. Once again, this is a brilliant intervention that is helping tackle unemployment.

In August the President commissioned another factory at Asokwa; the Spring and Bolts Limited, also under Government’s 1D1F initiative.

Spring and Bolts Limited is engaged in the manufacture of U-bolts, leaf springs, trailer suspension parts, bolts and nuts as well as such products.

Again this is also creating jobs and equipping Ghanaian youth with employable skills. It is adding value to the lives of several Ghanaian youth and deserves they support of every well-meaning Ghanaian.

And the list continues.

According to official literature from the One District, One Factory office, the concept was instituted by President Akuffo-Addo to address the challenge of slow economic growth at the district level through a massive nationwide industrialization drive, which will equip and empower communities to utilize their local resources in manufacturing products that are in high demand both locally and internationally.

This will allow the country to reap the well-known rewards of industrialization, such as gains in efficiency in every facet of life in our society, increase in agricultural and manufacturing output, a reduction in the reliance on imports and increase in the production of consumer goods and food availability.

The programme is expected to facilitate the creation of between 7,000 to 15,000 jobs per district and between 1.5 million and 3.2 million nationwide by end of 2021.

This is one great initiative that we, as Ghanaians,  should continue to support this initiative despite our political differences.

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