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Gospel musician NKD Snr preaches hope in ‘W’AYƐ’ single

Ghanaian gospel musician, Nana Kwaku Duah known publicly as NKD Snr has stirred lots of hope in his latest song titled ‘W’AYƐ’ available on all streaming platforms which sends a memo of how God is good all the time and people must learn to trust in Him.

The musician who possesses gifted voice and a heart filled with a burning desire to spread hope and faith for God’s children through the latest released song believes that gospel music has the power to uplift souls, bring solace, and ignite a flame of hope in even the darkest of times.

Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, Nana Kwaku poured his heart and soul into creating ‘W’AYƐ’ that preached the message of resilience, and the unwavering faith that things would get better.

With each verse and words, he sang, NKD aimed to touch the lives of those who feel downtrodden, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles and God has not forgotten about them.

His soothing melodies and heartfelt lyrics he sing seeks to resonate deeply within the hearts of his listeners, breathing new life into their weary souls.

“The main brain behind the song is that, life takes very few moments to destroy something or to make life miserable but when God wants to come back to you and make things work out, you may seem it’s getting too late or long for Him to answer. In the bible, the temple got destroyed and in three days, God brought it to function. The whole song is to encourage people that when Satan wants to destroy something, it is very easy, but building it back takes time.

“So, when things are delaying, it doesn’t mean God has neglected you. It’s simple mean He’s taking good time to make things function properly, in such circumstance, the glory of God will be shown to the highest level. Whatever God say, He does to the His glory. The devil can use just one to destroy, but God’s timing is gradual process and that’s the right and perfect way” he said in an interview.

About NKD Snr

NKD has the passion of propagating the good news of Christ through effective evangelism. It is one of the Kingdom Ministries of Christ founded by Nana Kweku Duah, a passionate servant of God with the sole aim of propagating the Good News of Christ through effective evangelism.

His ministry’s sole aim is to preach through songs, the essence of the cross and why we would have to turn to God. Objective is to use given voices and talents to make meaning of the cross and give praise to God for the great gift of life through songs.

NKD uses music to create an avenue where believers can have an atmosphere of patriotism and also to pray for unity and growth for the nation and as well remind of the oneness in Christ and as a nation.

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