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Gov’t to the rescue of Dam Spillage Victims

There is compelling evidence to prove Government’s swift intervention and support for victims affected by the recent flooding of communities in the Volta and Eastern Regions as a result of the Akosombo Dam’s controlled spillage.

This evidence disproves earlier reports that the said victims have been abandoned by Government.

While Government moved in swiftly to rescue and relocated most of the affected persons, it provided an assortment of items to mitigate their plight.

As part of Government’s continuous support, President Nana Addo Akufo-Addo, will today, Monday, 16th October 2023, visit the districts severely hit by the floods.

The President will be joined on this tour by members of the Inter-Ministerial Committee, which has been set up to coordinate Government’s response to the flooding and to help bring relief to those affected.

Last night, the President arrived from his 4-day official visit to the United States and his first assignment today would be to visit the affected communities.

Meanwhile, Government’s comprehensive rescue and restoration strategy continues to unfold, with a resolute focus on delivering relief items and implementing targeted measures to rejuvenate economic, social, and environmental services in the affected regions.

This spillage, by the Volta River Authority, marks the first occurrence since 2010 and is a direct result of the surplus water in both reservoirs, attributed to the unusually high volumes of rainfall recorded this year.

Mr. Eric Nana Agyemang Prempeh, the Director General of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), has elucidated the three-phase approach that underpins this vital endeavor.

Firstly, a concerted effort to rescue affected individuals and ensure their safety; secondly, the provision of relief items to ease their transition; and lastly, the initiation of measures aimed at restoring these communities to operational capacity.

The tireless efforts, marked by the arrival of affected persons, notably from Tongu Districts and Anlo Districts via canoes and boats, bolstered by dedicated support teams offering mattresses, blankets, food items, clothing, and toiletries, are emblematic of government’s commitment to safeguarding lives and property.

In a marked display of governmental resolve, Mr. Prempeh led a high-level delegation during a tour of communities significantly affected by the Volta Dam Spillage. Accompanying him were Mr. Seji Saji, the Deputy Director-General of NADMO, and a delegation from the Ghana Armed Forces, under the leadership of Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu.

This visit, marked by the presence of eminent dignitaries, included Mr. Emmanuel Antwi-Darkwa, the CEO of the Volta River Authority (VRA), and his deputies.

Also in attendance were the District Chief Executives (DCEs) representing the areas directly affected by the spillage.

The entourage visited rescue centers strategically set up at Mepa in the North Tongu District and Akpa in the Central Tongu District, where approximately 6,000 affected victims are currently hosted under the combined auspices of NADMO and VRA.

The affected persons have received relief items and medical care where necessary. This on-site assessment served to underscore government’s unwavering commitment to providing the requisite support and assistance to those affected by the crisis.

Beyond rescue operations, significant strides have been made, such as the restoration of electricity to certain regions, alongside the reinstatement of access to vital healthcare services.

This resonates with government’s overarching approach to disaster mitigation – one that unequivocally prioritises lives and livelihoods, transcending geographic borders and emphasizing that every individual within the nation’s boundaries is recognized as a Ghanaian.

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