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GRA Destroy Fake Smuggled Goods


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on Tuesday (November 21, 2017) destroyed expired goods worth over 50,000 dollars.

The goods, which were smuggled into Ghana through the Eastern corridor, include cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals as well as Indian hemp.

The Chief Revenue Officer of the Customs Division of the GRA, Emmanuel Adjei believes the continuous destruction of such goods would reduce smuggling of counterfeit and expired goods into Ghana.

“We’re destroying the items that customs in the course of its normal operations uncovered to be unwholesome, contaminated or expired. These goods are injurious and not safe for public consumption. Most of these items are coming from the Eastern corridor with a street value is about $50,000. We have packaged Indian hemp, we have pharmaceuticals that are contaminated, expired and compromised by storage,” he remarked.

The Chief Revenue Officer further bemoaned the inadequate personnel his outfit faces and its impact on their ability to carry out the exercise frequently.

Mr. Adjei also described the destruction exercise as expensive.

He therefore appealed to government to recruit more personnel to enable his division carry out such duties.

Source: Citibusinessnews

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