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GRA Must Collect Taxes From All Spare Parts Dealers


The Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association want the Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) to be stringent in collecting taxes from other spare parts dealers in the country.

The association believes some spare parts dealers who are not their members do not pay taxes to the GRA.

Some members of the association told Citi Business News the development has resulted in government losing tax revenue.

“I am selling this for GHS20, meanwhile others outside are selling it for Ghc18. The reason being that he or she is not paying the correct taxes. When you ask the GRA why they do not target the other dealers they will give excuses” Financial Secretary of the association, Nana Peprah said.

He accused the GRA of turning a blind eye to defaulters although they were in the know of such dealers.

“They know what they are doing is not right but because they have targeted a few who are paying the taxes, they are always trying to burden them rather than to expand the tax bit for everybody to pay to make things easier for those who are paying” he stated.

The GRA last year launched a tax policy program to rope in all domestic and corporate eligible taxpayers as the authority was losing huge revenue to non-tax payers.

GRA pursues defaulters with new Tax ID

The GRA last year revealed plans to roll out a taxpayer identification system that will identify non-taxpayers in the country effective this year.

This move was part of the national tax campaign by the GRA aimed at ensuring all taxes are duly paid by both the formal and informal sectors.

It is also part of moves by the government to ensure that all taxpayers comply with rules and regulations.

Acting Commissioner General of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Nti told Citi Business News the system will expose tax evaders.

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