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Guru: Indian movies in Twi bad initiative for the industry

Ghanaian Hiplife artist Guru NKZ born Maradona Yeboah Adjei has fired the Ghanaian gatekeepers both in the creative art industry and the media saying they are responsible for the collapse of the local movie industry.

Guru has also argued that it does not make sense for the country to encourage the consumption of foreign soap operas on national television which are translated into the local dialect.

To him, the country can also invest in the local film industry to produce similar movies with the same quality to boost the Ghanaian economy.

The award-winning rapper insisted that it is unfair for anyone to criticize the movie industry after the country has failed to invest in it.

Speaking on Angel FM Kumasi in an interview to discuss the fall of the local creative industry, Guru NKZ said, “Consider you watching television with an Indian movie translated into Twi language. Common sense; why don’t you invest in your local people to produce the same movie, give them the same budget the Indians invested for them, and they’ll produce the same standard”.

“But you won’t give it to them yet you expect them to produce quality movies like Indians, you are not being fair”, he stated.

No Value

Guru further revealed that the main problem with Ghanaians with respect to the creative industry is that they do not celebrate their stars especially those in the music industry.

“I think our problem as Ghanaians is that we do not celebrate our own and we see the light but we don’t walk close it”, Guru said.

To him, Ghanaians always try to make judgments without getting closer to whatever they are passing their judgment on.

“Meanwhile, in the lands of our competitors, when they see a light, they get closer to it irrespective of how it looks, all they consider is the fact that the light is coming from their country”, he continued.

According to him, appreciating what one has is the key solution to the fall in the Ghanaian music industry.

Huge Investment

Again, the rapper is of conviction that Ghanaian musicians can do so well just as their colleagues in Nigeria are doing if given the needed support.

He said Ghanaian musicians are also capable of gaining international recognition if supported by the government with just $20 million as seed money for the project.

“You just budget for 20 million for twenty artistes, give them one year and after come back for auditing for them to proof how the money was used”.

“You just try for once. When you go for a loan of 200 million just take 10 million out of it and see what they can do”, he emphasized.

Guru further stated that with such an amount he can feature most of the greatest musicians in the world like Drake, Kanye West among others.

The “Enye Nwanwa” hitmaker disclosed that, while musicians like himself in Ghana struggle to promote their songs with the little budget they have, others in the neighbouring countries are given millions of dollars to promote theirs.

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