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Hassan Ayariga confirmed APC flag-bearer, set to name running mate from Ashanti

The All People’s Congress (APC) has once again chosen Dr. Hassan Ayariga, the party’s founder, as its flag-bearer for the upcoming 2024 general elections.

The decision unfolded during the party’s national congress held in Kumasi over the weekend, a gathering that drew the participation of all 275 constituency delegates. The event saw the adoption of reforms, the election of new national executives and the confirmation of Dr Ayariga as the party’s leader.

Reflecting on his political journey since 2012, Ayariga emphasized the need for a change in the country’s leadership. He lamented the diminishing value of the presidency, which he saw as a mere seat for political business rather than a platform for genuine development and progress.

“The Flagstaff house/Jubilee House has lost its value,” he proclaimed, “and it is no longer a seat or place to change Ghanaian’s future and build economic growth. It has been reduced to just a seat of business for political parties and leaders in power.”

“Ghana is lost. I, Hassan Ayariga feel your pain and your frustration, I guarantee hope, decisive leadership, an excellent team and incorruptible leadership. I believe in you and trust that you will follow me to unearth the potential of every Ghanaian. The APC and Hassan Ayariga are the third force you have been yearning for. Change is a key to new life, let’s make that change come December 7th, 2024. The third force can only happen if you come out of your comfort zone and change your voting patterns. It wouldn’t happen by making wishes without action”, he added.

Acknowledging the efforts of the APC delegates who tirelessly worked to secure his candidacy, Ayariga praised their discipline, patience, and peaceful conduct during the selection process. He emphasized that the responsibility entrusted to him was not taken lightly, and he recognized the transformational potential of the party.

“Coming from a humble beginning, I understand well the immense responsibilities that go with the intimidating groups of highly intelligent, selfless, hardworking, and visionary party members. “I will not be the ‘I says’ in the administration and governance of the party and ultimately in our national life,” he affirmed.

Meanwhile close associates have confirmed to that the APC leader will be picking his running mate from the Ashanti Region as the party hits the ground running ahead of the December polls.


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